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Fetish Girl... Submissive Lexi

Away till 30th May

I want to feel the sting of your cane, bent over and humiliated like the wicked little girl I am...

It's a pleasure to meet you...

I'm Lexi, a 22 year old creative London girl ready, waiting (and gagging) to meet you and fulfill your darkest and wildest fantasies.

Standing at 5'9 my long toned legs and slender body are an alabstar delight, feverishly in need of being conquered. Blessed with blink and you'll miss them boobs, I love having my nipple piercings played with, the harder the better.

I wear a size 6 dress, which let's be honest, won't be staying on very long if either of us have our way!

I have shoulder length black hair, perfect for pulling back when I've stepped out of line and need controlling by my master.

What turns me on? Whatever turns -you- on. I get a tremendous kick out of satiating your desires, embodying your dream girl and carnal needs and urges in a safe and engaging space. Use and abuse me, I am here to serve! I'm polite to a fault, unless I'm in a naughty and disruptive mood where only a firm hand and strong will can snap me back in line. Look into my innocent eye as you punish me. My smart-mouth can get me into a lot of trouble...and boy do I love being in trouble. I'm playful and flirty and will strive to figure out your quirks and idiosyncrasies, making for a mutually intoxicationg experience where you feel valued, worshipped and adored.

I can be very stubborn, and yearn to have my limits tested by my powerful playmate, teasing and submitting in equal measures. Spank me until I'm red in both sets of cheeks and sweating, I'll ask for more. Tie me to a manner of torture devices and I'll take my punishment with a smile on my face, unless you've decided I deserve to be gagged and bound with a hood over my disobedient visage, anticipating each stroke with a trembling excitement.

I want to feel the sting of your cane, bent over and humiliated like the wicked little girl I am. Overwhelm me with pain and I'll reciprocate with pleasure, engulfed in a swell of edorphines and energy, thanking you for giving me what I deserve! You really are too good to me.

I want you to enjoy seeing your handy work on my skin as welts and marks appear during our time together, I'll carry the paddles and whips to you in my mouth as you lay them out in front of me and watch me quiver, your power and control over me is heavenly.

Tie me up and leave me helpless during bondage play, I'll comply with your wishes and look stunning in an array of positions, my natural flexibility and form entirely at your mercy! I want to be made to feel helpless, deprive my senses and mess with my mind. Put me in a cage and don't let me out until I've earnt your forgiveness.

I'm a massive masochist and get aroused by my own suffering, I crave the guidance and wisdom of my master to administer the thrilling blows, strikes and hits I deserve as I bend over and await my fate. My heart races and you blind fold me and reach for the candle wax, sensory deprivation leaves me panting and I flinch at every sound, immobilized by restraints and exhausted from pleasing you to my highest standard.

My company's readily available during the week. I enjoy the company of other submissives when playing... let's explore group activities too!

I am available every Friday but if you would like to meet me on a different day, please call to book at least 24-48 hours in advance.

  • Submissive Lexi

    Age: 22
    Height: 5'9
    Figure: 32A-25-32
    Hair: Brown, long
    Dress Size: 6
    Shoes Size: 6
  • BDSM Services

    Submissive Services
    Corporal Punishments
    Tie and Tease
    Fantasy Role-Plays
    Tickling Service
    Hot Wax

  • Contact Me

    To find out more about my services and to make an appointment, please call:

    Monday - Sunday 8am - 11pm

    Telephone: +44 (0)7725 879 382

    I am available by appointment:
    10am - 8pm

    If you would like to meet me on a DIFFERENT DAY or TIME, please call and book at least 24-48 hours in advance.