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Young Submissive Girl - Submissive Charlie

Last Day 2nd August - I'm going traveling, spank me before I go :)

Hello Sir, my name is Charlie and I'm a 22 year old submissive girl with natural dark blonde hair and extremely long legs. I'm educated and well spoken young lady who is currently studying to obtain Masters degree.

I'm 5'9'', slim with curves in all the right places and beautiful fair skin. I strongly advocate a natural look, like to wear my long, dark blond hair loose and handy for you to hold me down in order to put me in my place if needed.

My main assets are my round, perky bottom, waiting to receive punishments from your firm hand and my mesmerising green eyes, which give my innocent and young looking face a bit of extra character and always reflect the admiration and respect I have for my Master.

I can't wait to kneel in front of you for you to see me beg with them for your mercy.

I come from a very traditional background, a good family, private school and piano lessons... The world of BDSM is a way for me to explore my ever so present desires to be controlled, punished and humiliated. A form of escapism. There is no greater pleasure for me than to serve You, and obey You.

As much as I love to please and do everything that I can to fulfil your desires, I have a cheeky side to myself that I like to explore as well in order to deserve the right punishment... Whips, canes and floggers have always been present in my fantasies and nothing turns me on more than receiving the punishment that I deserve from your firm but fair hand, Sir. It is my pleasure to obey you at all times but the little cheeky girl in me can't help herself but play sometimes to explore how far can she go.. You will have no other choice than spank me till I beg for your mercy.

I have always been interested in pain. The thought of it itself makes me wet. This is one of the main reason behind most of my tattoos, I genuinely enjoy the process of receiving pain and it is all more exciting if there are marks left to remind me of my punishment.

I am new to the scene, so I will require a lot of correcting and I'm hoping that under your hand Sir I will improve and grow to serve you better and better. I can't think of a more exciting prospect than being your little girl, your slave, ready to answer your every command in order to please You. I'm grateful for finding the BDSM world, where I can give myself to you, my Master. Thought of being tied up, put over Your knee and spanked till my peachy bottom is red and I cannot take no more makes me wet and begging for You to take me.

I enjoy being tied up, gagged, blindfolded... I strongly believe that without Your strong spanking I wouldn't be able to progress as an individual as I'm a very cheeky girl and I need a lot of correction in order to be a good slave to my Master. Sometimes, your hand, no matter how firm won't be enough and I will require the use of a cane or a whip in order to remind me how to be a Your good little girl. From a very young age I fantasised about figures of power in my life; teachers, my boss, policeman... I would be more than happy to indulge in a fantasy with you to fulfil your desires.

I have a very sensitive and responsive body, especially my round, peachy bottom and my nipples. Nipple clamps take me to another dimension of pleasure. If you Sir, decided it is time to reward me for being your good little girl, what I enjoy the most is anal play... I love anal bids and plugs and would love to invite you to explore the ways to make me beg You for more. It is my favourite kind of pain, that I will always fantasise about and ask for more.

Tell me I'm your little whore, hold me down and make me beg for your mercy at your feet. I get excited knowing that I'm fully and completely Yours and the only thing that matters is You. I will not disappoint you...

All sexual topics aside, I have a really outgoing, bubbly personality and I'm a fun person to be around. I'm kind, caring and I love to please. I promise You Sir, You will not regret a single minute spend with me if You only allow me to obey You and please You. I like to indulge in a conversation and I easily connect to people. I don't lack a sense of humour and I'm sure we will get along more than just fine!

Come and see me on Wednesday to test me, see me struggle and improve for you. I may be begging you to stop, but remember what I really desire deep inside me: to please You and receive what You decided is needed in order to train me in being Your little whore.

All I really desire is to put a smile on Your face, obey Your every order and make you proud. I can't wait to serve you, Master.

I am available every Wednesday.

  • Submissive Charlie

    Age: 22
    Height: 5'9
    Figure: 36C - 24 - 34
    Hair: Dark Blond, long
    Dress Size: 8
    Shoes Size: 6
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